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The freecycle style website for Theatre, TV, Film and Event production.

We throw so many productions into a skip. We're wasting huge amounts of good materials and with funding cuts and austerity why do we continue to waste? We may not have a use for it, but someone else might. What if you were able to rummage in someone else's skip and find yourself a second hand show floor, a set of flats, a sofa or some scrap timber, putting someone else's waste to good use?

Set-Exchange.co.uk gives you just this opportunity. Any unwanted items can be posted on the site and made available to the wider community to re-home and re-use. It doesn't cost anything to use, it saves resources and it benefits us all.

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

Being Eco in our industry is hard. There are more services available in production to help these days, such as recycling a set, but that is in itself wasteful. The analogy is why smash a glass bottle for recycling, just to turn it into another glass bottle? Surely it makes much more sense just to wash and reuse the existing one?

Re-use uses far less energy, creates far less waste, and saves time and money through not having to rebuild the same stock items time and time again. Why scrap a perfectly good masking flat, or set of steps, or costume? You may not have the space to store the item, so pass it on. You never know, next time you need it, you might just be able to get it back again!

Set-Exchange.co.uk aims to promote and advance a "Zero Waste" philosophy within our industries, to help make them more sustainable through the sharing of resources.